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There was a time when a practice room was just that: a small room with an upright piano and maybe a metronome. Today, a piano student is just as likely to practice on a keyboard in her dorm room, or on a digital piano in the family room, and a practice room has become more of an idea than a physical space. And that’s not all that’s changed. Today, Roland has state of the art practice tools for every student (and every instrument!) that make practicing both easier and more fun.

Built In Solutions

For the piano student, Roland digital pianos offer the ultimate in convenience and value with built-in practice features. By now, most people expect a digital piano to have metronome, transpose and recording functions, and , of course, Roland doesn’t disappoint. We go beyond the ordinary with:

  • DigiScore. The latest version of this notation feature does so much more than just transcribe. DigiScore provides virtual sheet music that highlights each note at the moment it is to be played while a small bouncing ball provides a visual tempo cue. Teachers can create instant sheet music just by making a recording. Prerecorded built in songs work with DigiScore to provide accompaniment to everything from classical repertoire to Hanon exercises.
  • Ensemble accompaniment. Whether included in the instrument, purchased as CD, MIDI or sound file, or created by the teacher, students can play with accompaniment and change speed or key.
  • Wonderland. This suite of games and activities for children teaches everything from ear training to how a piano works. Children can play "video games" and learn the basics of music independently.
  • Visual Lesson. Students play songs with built in sheet music and accompaniment and have their performance graded with suggestions for improvement.

Featured Products:

Stand Alone Practice Tools

For the piano student who already has an instrument, or a vocalist or other instrumentalist, Roland has products to make practice more fun and effective. Players of non-chording instruments might find playing with accompaniment even more valuable than the piano player, and Roland has the products to make that possible. Whether a file is recorded by a teacher, built in the practice tool or purchased , a student can transpose it or change its tempo. Difficult passages can be marked to repeat, and students can even play with commercial CDs using the Center Cancel feature that removes most of the lead vocal or instrumental track.

Students now also have convenient ways to record their performances in a variety of formats. Nothing beats listening to a high quality recording for an objective critique. With the wide selection of recording formats available, teachers can record a lesson or accompaniment on one device, and give the student the file to use on another device. For the electric guitar player there are products with built in effects plus recording, and for vocalists, recording and vocal effects. Perhaps most importantly, every practice tool is lightweight and portable, making transport to and from lessons easy and convenient.

Featured Products:

Drum Solutions

What’s the first priority for any drummer? To keep good time, of course. Developing good time and precision is what Roland’s Rhythm Coach is all about. A built in feature on several models of V-drum sets, Rhythm Coach is also a part of two different models of practice pads. Various modes test precision at playing patterns, rudiments and other tasks, all developing the internal clock every drummer needs. There’s even a mode that helps develop even stroke intensity.

Drum set students will be grateful for the Roland Drum Tutor, a unique and powerful learning tool specifically created for the set drummer. Designed for the Roland HD-1 drum module, the Drum Tutor can also be used with all other Roland drum modules, the brains of Roland’s V-Drums. This software program displays drum notation, points out mistakes, can isolate difficult passages to repeat for practicing, and can notate drum charts from imported MIDI files. When combined with Roland’s exclusive online V-drum lessons, Rhythm Coach and Drum Tutor combine to create a comprehensive drum education package unmatched anywhere.

Featured Products:

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