Live Performance

From electronic percussion to guitar processors, amplifiers and keyboards, Roland products have consistently and dependably helped ensembles shine. If you’re looking to push the envelope in your live performance, we can help!

From The Field…

In the pit, Roland synthesizers and amplifiers have sustained the abuse of band students (and their band booster parents) for decades. Guitar synths and processors and electronic percussion are more recent additions to field shows. Now, wireless electronic percussion has even made its way to the battery! The rules change every year, but the progression is toward more amplification on the field or in the auditorium. Roland is your best partner in understanding and integrating a wide variety of electronics in your field ensembles.

…To The Stage

Electronic musical instruments can take your concert groups to the next level. Digital instruments let you amplify and monitor sounds evenly across the stage, while synthesizers make it easy to replicate a missing instrument in the orchestra, pit or show choir band. Electronic percussion gives you the unique ability to control drum volume, and is used widely in churches, theaters, and beyond. Because electronics is all we do—and all we’ve done for over 30 years—Roland can be trusted for the highest-quality sounds, ease-of-use, and durability on your stage.

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