Learning Labs

Whatever your needs, Roland has a learning lab for you! From pianos to percussion, technology or all of the above, our customized Learning Labs offer turn-key solutions to assist you in meeting your individualized goals.

Piano Labs

A custom designed and equipped piano classroom adds energy and excitement to any school’s music program. With a wide choice of pianos, and the industry’s most comprehensive, flexible classroom controller, we will design a classroom to meet your needs and budget. Our support extends beyond installation as our nationally known staff of educators becomes part of your classroom, providing on-site support for both product and pedagogy, with our complements. »

Keyboard Labs

Times change, instruments change. There are many more options than there used to be in keyboard instruments, with each type fulfilling a certain purpose and attracting a specific type of player. With a keyboard lab, all of those options can be explored, and the specific goals of today's musicians realized. Thanks to the amazing flexibility of Roland keyboard labs, kids playing portable keyboards, aspiring professional musicians, and home hobby players can all benefit and learn on the type of instrument they want to play. No computer is necessary, and our intuitive software and easy to use lab controller make all things possible. From analyzing your space and budget, to final design and implementation, Roland experts stand ready help create the lab that will meet the goals of you and your students. »

Technology Labs

Today, many aspiring musicians want to know more than how to play an instrument — they also want to explore every part of music creation that our current technology enables. Music “tech” labs develop those skills, particularly in the areas of music recording/production and sound design. Today, the skills and techniques developed in the tech lab are the very same methods used by professional engineers for their recordings, both live and in the studio. Through a combination of cutting-edge products and versatile, user friendly software, students learn to produce a final product of professional quality, mastering each step from start to finish. The team at Roland can help you design the lab that’s just right for your space, budget and vision. »

Percussion Labs

Create new levels of excitement and creativity in your music program with a percussion lab. From developing natural rhythm to playing in ensemble, our drum labs suit the needs of our changing music education culture. Browse the options and select a lab that will set your program apart and reach students of all backgrounds and levels. »

Guitar Labs

Looking to incorporate a guitar program into your school? Think Guitar Lab! Song writing, recording, and ensemble play are only a few of the skills that can easily be developed by adding a guitar lab into your music program. With the electric guitar of your choice you can add energy and excitement to your music program by incorporating our state of the art lab conferencing system. Enhancing both ensemble and solo performance ability, this flexible classroom controller allows for easy two-way communication between you and your students. Whether starting from scratch or adding a guitar lab to an existing piano lab, Roland is ready to assist in finding the right solution for your needs. »

Mixed-use Labs

We understand that in today’s teaching environment, music educators face a number of challenges. Many educators must be creative in finding ways to make the most of limited space, time and resources. With Roland’s unique line-up of instruments, and some ingenuity, a little can go a long way! Mixed-use labs allow you to integrate a variety of instruments to bridge the gap between your instrument needs and space restrictions. And Roland will be with you, from ideas and installation to product training and custom curriculums - providing on-site support for you every step of the way! »

Example Lab Setups

Download PDF examples of typical lab configurations in a variety of classroom environments.

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