Mixed-use Labs

These lab ideas showcase how to make the most of limited time and space in your music program. Roland’s exceptional variety and quality of instruments make it easy and affordable. Take a lead from these installations or create your own utilizing our new LabWizard Technology

Custom Mixed-Use Lab A

The Recreational Music Center in San Diego, CA, takes an innovative approach to music instruction. Using cutting-edge technology and exciting repertoire choices, David and Leslie Gereghty and their staff engage students, and sometimes entire families, in classes that emphasize the fun of making music with others. The easy to use Roland Lab Conferencing System gives them the flexibility to teach guitar, keyboards, and percussion in private, group, or ensemble settings. At Recreational Music Center, students learn to play the kind of music they listen to every day and become musicians for life.

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Custom Mixed-Use Lab B

In a culture where many music programs are being cut, Weeki Wachee High School in Florida is offering students the contemporary options necessary to meet their needs. Students enjoy a state-of-the-art music program that combines pianos and guitars in an ensemble setting, with the technology tools necessary to prepare the students for real world experiences. From practicing scales with the built-in drums, to recording guitar tracks with multiple effects on the Micro BR, the technology has captured even the most hesitant student and created music lovers out of those who had no interest before. Classroom management and ensemble play are simplified with the addition of Roland’s state of the art Lab Conferencing System.

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Custom Mixed-Use Lab C

the studio in Boise, Idaho educates all music students in group lesson format. From young child classes to adult play-for-pleasure workshops, students experience the group setting as part of a motivating teaching tool. In addition to offering separate piano, guitar, drum and vocal classes, the studio regularly combines instruments for ensemble play. Teachers connect RMP-5 drums to the piano lab for a state-of-the-art lesson on teaching pulse, timing, and subdivision of the beat. Students regularly practice and perform on all instruments, ensuring a generation of broadly educated musicians ready for the real world.

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Example Lab Setups

Download PDF examples of typical lab configurations in a variety of classroom environments.

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