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Recreational Music Center

Leslie Gereghty at the piano with one of her students

New businesses come to life against the tide of change and recession, and David and Leslie Gereghty put their love of music and vision for a fresh education model up against the odds.

With cutting edge technology, engaging group settings and exciting repertoire, the Recreational Music Center in San Diego, California, is teaching the kind of music students listen to every day and placing it in the middle of their learning.

Seeing an opening at the new NTC Promenade in Point Loma, a new cultural arts district, Gereghty knew it was an opportunity to pursue her lifelong dream of owning a music school. Several months later, with the help of Roland Corporation and Bill Erlandson, the Recreational Music Center opened with a full cast of unique instruments and programs.

Equipped with seven hpi7s Roland digital pianos, the Center offers class piano lessons to students of all ages. This flagship piano also offers amazing sound and touch for the Center’s advanced piano students, as well as a 16-track sequencer for recording and hundreds of sounds [link to product page?].

Percussion students enjoy one of the 5 HD-1 V-Drums Lite drumsets. A new all-in-one kit for the masses, the HD-1 is easy to use and play, making it easy to connect a CD player, iPod or pianos and guitars in the studio.

Recreational Music Center

Bill Erlandson (Roland) and Leslie Gereghty

The Center also boasts Fender Stratocastor electric guitars and Fender Squire Minis (3/4 size student guitars)with 6 MicroBR Digital Recorders, offering a mini recording studio, effects, rhythms patterns, and a built-in tuner. An RCS 848 Conferencing System facilitates two-way communication between teacher and students, whether it’s during piano class or a jam session between instruments.

Reaching out to the community was a priority for Leslie and David, and during their first week of business they launched Fun Fridays, inviting students, friends and area families to come play instruments and enjoy a game of Rock Band. At the first Fun Friday, students waited in line to try the new instruments and take their turn in front of the new flat screen tv, playing Rock Band on the Xbox 360 and then play the real instruments.

Recreational Music Center

Students on V-Drums

RMC offers classes for 2-3 and 4-6 year olds, as well as group and private lessons in piano, drums and guitar, however, their most popular class is “Intro to Rock Band.” If students can’t decide which instrument to learn or don’t yet own an instrument, this experience-based learning set-up gives them an opportunity to play the piano, drums and guitar at every lesson—no practice required! In addition to learning introductory concepts, they learn songs and play together.

Children and adults are usually grouped by age and musical taste, though several families have enrolled for the class and enjoy playing together in an “all ages” setting. This summer, RMC will expand their offerings to host week-long intensive camps for Rock Band and Praise Band.

Teachers at the Center provide powerful creativity. With their combined backgrounds in education, performing, and teaching, students not only learn their favorite instrument, but share experiences that will make them musicians for life.

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