Green Brooms Music Academy, Part 1

A Storehouse of Innovation in Santa Monica, CA


Green Brooms Music Academy in Santa Monica, California, is a storehouse of innovation. Owned by Gyllian and Manuel Lozano, this progressive school offers a wide range of music classes for all ages, including voice, guitar, drums, piano, violin, banjo, and more. Students meet individually and in groups to explore the “sacred gift of music” through Gyllian’s mantra that founded the Academy: “I’ve spent a great deal of my life proving that music is for every man, woman and child who desires to open themselves to it. I’ve seen it change people’s lives.”

Recently, the Academy adopted a new, powerful resource whose benefits are spreading into every aspect of teacher instruction and student performance. Roland’s AX-09 Synthesizer, also known as Lucina, is an over-the-shoulder, lightweight synth. Because it is packed with sounds and easy to play, the Lucina is quickly gaining cool-factor popularity.

The staff at Green Brooms Music Academy hosted a “Glee”-styled vocal ensemble program and launched BandMania, a program for 8 to13-year-olds. Modeled after successful bands, groups not only rehearse music, they develop a band’s look, name and logo, learning and performing onstage instruments. The Lucina, boasting 150 sounds, offers keyboard players of all ages different sounds, pads and lead lines to the Rock classics they were learning. Roaming free with battery power on the Santa Monica Pier, the final performance was a showcase of talent and technology.


The Lucina is a great alternative to the traditional piano. Keyboard players are no longer stuck behind a stand or limited to playing keyboard parts. Packed with dozens of high quality sounds, players can assign their top 12 sounds to Favorites for an instant, one button recall.  Rehearsal is easy with the built-in Audio Player feature that lets you load a USB stick with your favorite songs in MP3, WAV, or IAFF formats.

You may find the Lucina in Green Brooms drum lab accompanying students with a synth bass line or in the voice class adding a nice electric piano and string pad accompaniment.  Its portability gives the staff at the Academy freedom to move it from class to class and then onto the stage for recitals and performances.

Green Brooms successfully reaches every generation of music learner, retaining students and capturing the interest of new musicians.

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