Cut to the Music

Tidbits for the Choral Classroom


As we head back to the classroom this fall, money is tight, but the needs of our students
continue to grow. Take a look at the tidbits below to see how Roland products make
your job more efficient, save money, and speak in technology terms your students

  1. Growing boys = changing voices
    Roland’s popular TRANSPOSE feature is essential for the middle school boys’ choir. As middle school voices change, music you invested in at the beginning of the year can be modified with the touch of a button!
  2. No accompanist, no problem!
    Maintain consistent, professional accompaniment for performances, contests and festivals, even without a live accompaniest. Roland’s QUICK RECORD feature lets you record accompaniments in advance and play them by REMOTE CONTROL for flawless performances.
  3. Stressed with no prep
    Enjoy Roland’s big, broad data storage! Record choral parts in advance and play them back in any combination during class or rehearsal. File your pieces in the easy-to-retrieve SONG menu. Racing into class has never been so much fun!
  4. Sight-read with ease
    Don’t let the cost of music prevent your choirs from essential sight reading practice. Simply play the music you want to sight sing into Roland’s DIGISCORE feature, plug in your projector, and students will read right off your screen or SmartBoard.
  5. The Solfege solution
    Roland’s DIGISCORE options display standard notation, key names, chord names, fingering, lyrics and Solfege. With the touch of a button, move between all options for ease in teaching multiple grades and a variety of programs.

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