The R-05 WAV/MP-3 Recorder

Versatile Recording and Playback Tool

By Mark Gonzales


The Roland R-05 is a powerful recording and playback device that easily fits in the palm of your hand. With no additional equipment, teachers and students alike can make and edit very high quality recordings, then listen to them directly from the R-05 via headphones. Using the R-05 rehearsal mode, recording levels can be automatically preset to achieve the best recordings with no distortion. The R-05 even records two seconds of audio before you press the record button so you'll never miss the beginning of a performance again.

The R-05 can record in both MP3 and WAV formats at the same time. Simultaneously creating both a CD quality version (WAV) and a smaller file size for sharing (MP3) eliminates the tedious task of converting one file type to another. Songs can be split, joined or shortened on the R-05 without using a computer. Recording is made to SD cards, the readily available, inexpensive media also used in digital cameras.

The R-05 is also a powerful practice tool. You can change tempo without changing pitch and isolate and repeat difficult passages. The unit includes a mount for a camera tripod, and there is a music stand mount available as an accessory.

The R-05 combines high audio quality, useful teaching tools and self-contained portability at an affordable price.

Benefits for Teachers

  • Automatic sound level adjustment for effortless recording
  • No additional equipment required
  • Simple controls for ease of use
  • Share music conveniently with students using SD card
  • Post lessons to web for review with default MP3 format recording
  • Record lectures and seminars for absentee students

Benefits for Students

  • Portable, durable and lightweight
  • Drill difficult passages with built-in looping
  • Record and share music easily with MP3 format
  • Practice at a variety of tempos without altering pitch of recording
  • Archive performance to SD card
  • High quality audio for ear training development

To learn more about the R-05, and other Roland recording tools, read Portable Recording for the Music Educator.

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