CD-2i Digital SD/CD Recorder

Recording and CD Production Made Easy

By Serena Mackey


The new CD-2i makes recording and CD production a breeze for teachers and students. Everything you need to record, edit, play and burn is onboard the CD-2i. No computers, extra devices or cables are needed. Just turn it on and go. A high quality stereo microphone is built into the CD-2i which, combined with battery operation and a wireless remote, makes it effortless to “point and capture” in any setting. Even though the CD-2i is designed as a do-it-all device, it provides a variety of inputs and outputs to interface with other gear if desired. Easily connect external microphones or other instruments to create a portable, creative, recording studio.

Benefits to Teachers:

  • Record accompaniments, orchestrations or vocal parts for rehearsal.
  • Burn multiple CDs to archive and distribute student work.
  • Change the key center or tempo of commercial CDs for practice or performance.
  • Center Cancel the voice or the central instrument of commercial CDs for practice or performance.
  • Record in a variety of settings using battery operation and wireless remote.

Benefits to Students:

  • Set a Marker on a repeating practice section of a commercial CD to learn by ear.
  • Record, mix and burn multiple tracks (voice, guitar, piano) without complicated equipment.
  • Record and play back lessons.
  • Archive and transfer polished performances to SD card.
  • Center Cancel to use the CD-2i as a karaoke device.

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