MT-90U: Portable Music Player

The Perfect Companion

By Serena Mackey


The new MT-90U is the perfect companion for teachers, students and performers. Load songs from the USB port or optional CD drive and play MIDI files, MP3 files, .WAV files or even a commercial CD and play them back through the built-in speaker. You can even change pitch and tempo, practicing and performing with a full backing-band or orchestral accompaniment! For slow practice or to learn a passage by ear, use the MARKER function to set a repeating loop. The wireless remote or microphone input aid teachers in larger classroom settings and the MT-90U is tunable to any instrument.

Take advantage of the polyphony in our students’ world by offering a learning and practice setting that closely mimics the music they listen to every day.

Benefits to Teachers:

  • Ability to rehearse with accompaniment is motivational for students
  • Students learn music while hearing it correctly, without pauses
  • Improves dynamics and correct interpretation of mood and style
  • Mute tracks for individual part instruction
  • Portable music players work for in-home, studio, store, or travelling teachers

Benefits to Students:

  • Rehearsal with a MIDI or audio accompaniment is more fun
  • Part balance comes naturally when rehearsing with an ensemble
  • Performing with a MIDI or audio accompaniment builds self-confidence
  • Adjusting key or tempo for personal/ensemble practice or performance encourages students to make music often
  • Set a marker on a repeating practice section instills good practice habits

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