Mariposa Elementary School

Brea, CA

Mariposa Elementary School

Funding challenges have displaced general music education from almost all elementary schools in California, so when Mariposa Elementary School in Brea, CA committed to purchasing a 36-station keyboard lab we knew it was something special!

The parents’ Booster group was already providing funding for a music specialist to meet with each grade level once a week. Dr. Helene Cunningham, the school principal, and the music specialist, had already begun integrating music with the students’ core curriculum. The addition of the Roland keyboard lab simply expanded the possibilities of the program they had started.

However to help ensure the program’s success we knew that no commercially available curriculum would work for this situation. Serena Mackey, one of our Education Clinicians, took the curriculum currently being used by the school, and integrated it into a program focused on keyboard study. And the program complies with both National and California state standards.

The excitement being generated by the new lab is enormous. Students have asked to have their schedules changed so they don’t miss their keyboard class, the classroom teachers stay and participate (as students) when their class is in the lab, and faculty and staff members have requested an after school program for adults!

The lab at Mariposa utilizes Roland’s RK-100 VIMA keyboard, a state of the art 61 note instrument, for each of the student stations. The instructor has a Roland KR-107 digital piano, our most popular instrument for the teacher station. The KR-107 has many, many built-in features for classroom instruction including the ability to display standard music notation through an LCD projector.

Mariposa Elementary School

Students and instructor communicate through the use of our RCS-848 Classroom Conferencing System. This allows the instructor to listen to and instruct students individually, in pairs, or groups of any size. And because each student has their own headset, all students can work individually or as an entire group…it’s the teacher’s choice!

Put the power of music to work in your school. A keyboard study program can be implemented at any grade level, and we can help you choose, or design for you, materials that will excite and retain students in your program.

For more information contact Bill Erlandson.

Instrument/Equipment List for Mariposa Elementary:

36Roland RK-100 VIMA Keyboards with stand, sustain pedal and bench.
1Roland KR-107 Digital Piano with bench
1Roland RCS-848 Classroom Conferencing System equipped for 36 student stations (includes four (4) RCS-848EXP expander kits)
1Dell laptop computer
1Epson LCD projector w/ two SVGA inputs
1Elmo TT-02 “Teacher’s Tool” Visual Presenter

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