Technology Labs

Music tech labs can be big or small, use computers or not, and can be customized in a variety of ways to meet your specific needs. See if one of these labs sounds right for you — or create a customized Music Technology Lab using our LabWizard.

Custom Tech Lab A

By creating a tech lab with a fully programmable synthesizer, students will have the means to explore the world of sound creation and music production. Intuitive, hands-on controls with numerous adjustable parameters add infinite possibilities for user created custom sounds. In addition, we’ve included our high- resolution audio/MIDI interface with multiple inputs, monitor mixes, and enough mic preamps to record a whole choir at once. The possibilities are endless.

With our lab conferencing system you can create the perfect environment for learning by solo practice, grouping students, or two-way classroom communication.

Custom Tech Lab B

Computers are integral to sound recording and engineering today, so this lab utilizes our state-of-art hardware to maximize your favorite DAW software. Create a learning environment unsurpassed in quality and control with our professional audio interface and lightweight, portable keyboard that can input note data, but also act as the command center for the entire recording process. And, because of the flexibility of this design, adding additional digital sound sources and effects is a snap.

A necessity for effective classroom management, this lab is packaged with our conferencing system allowing for solo practice, grouping students and two-way classroom communication.

Custom Tech Lab C

Here is a lab that will get you up and running quickly. Using the latest in stand- alone multi-track recorders (no computer needed), this lab will look familiar to anyone with previous home or studio recording experience. Digital recording allows for pristine audio quality from any source, and a powerful onboard effects processor produces studio quality results for both vocals and instrument sounds. With a built-in drum machine that helps create rhythm tracks quickly and easily, students can create fully realized recordings: mixing, mastering and creating professional quality CDs .Along the way, they’ll learn the essentials of recording and song creation.

This lab is packaged with a conferencing system that makes solo practice, grouping students and two-way classroom communication effortless.

Example Lab Setups

Download PDF examples of typical lab configurations in a variety of classroom environments.

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