Percussion Labs

Customize a drum lab that develops listening skills, teaches multiple students at one time and builds on existing curriculum. Select from the options below, or create your own dream lab using our new Lab Wizard technology. The solutions for your classroom are here!

Custom Percussion Lab A


This “ultimate” teaching lab sets your students apart from the beginners. Real-audio backing songs encourage students to practice skills in an authentic playing environment and the USB port allows students to play with the audio files of their choice.

Roland’s unique “Coach Mode” exercises with graphic LCD display allow students to analyze their performance visually as they record and play back performances or practice licks. With a sturdy drum rack, hundreds of sounds, and 18 preset kits, the TD-25K is a percussion teacher’s dream lab.

This lab is packaged with a conferencing system that makes solo practice, grouping students and two-way classroom communication effortless.

Custom Percussion Lab B


Lab B includes all the features of Lab C with the added benefit of a professional-level drum playing experience. Quick Record and Quick Play encourages students to analyze their playing and motivates correct practice. With this lab, curricula can be expanded to include basic sound editing as students create personalized kits with over 200 drum and percussion sounds.

With our lab conferencing system you can create the perfect environment for learning by solo practice, grouping students or two-way classroom communication.

Custom Percussion Lab C


Lab C features components that are mounted on one stand for easy setup and transport. Small and quiet, but filled with impressive sounds and performance capabilities, this entry-level kit is a perfect for the classroom.

TThe TD-1KV is equipped with an external input for connecting CD players and MP3s, allowing students to learn and perform with an endless option of songs. With easy operation, 15 different drum kits, and a built-in metronome with 10 Rhythm Coach exercises, students can rehearse alone or in combination with other instruments.

A necessity for effective classroom management, this lab is packaged with our conferencing system allowing for solo practice, grouping students and two-way classroom communication.

Custom Percussion Lab D


Lab D offers the education tools necessary for all music students. Choir, orchestra, band and general music students can participate in this entry-level lab, developing both gross motor and fine motor skills, teaching timing and basic rhythm.

Student drums can be tensioned as desired and are a quiet, effective learning tool. Mesh heads provide a natural playing surface. The on-board Rhythm Coach includes Time Check, Quiet Count and other games and exercises, metronome options and high quality drum sounds. A simple mix input lets students incorporate audio devices such as MP3 players. These instruments are easily expandable with a dual trigger that incorporates up to two more pads.

This lab is packaged with a conferencing system that makes solo practice, grouping students and two-way classroom communication effortless.

Example Lab Setups

Download PDF examples of typical lab configurations in a variety of classroom environments.

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