Keyboard Labs

Keyboard labs can come in all shapes and sizes, and each situation is unique. Search thru these options to find the right solution for you — or create a custom Keyboard Lab using our new LabWizard technology.

Custom Keyboard Lab A

Today’s professional level keyboards are amazingly powerful instruments capable of performing numerous musical tasks. From stage to studio to living room, these instruments are at home in the hands of professional players and beginning piano students and everyone in-between. With this lab, Roland harnesses the power of the FA-06 and FA-08 Music Workstation keyboards, recognized as being on the leading edge in pro keyboards. With the FA workstations, you can truly do it all – general music, keyboard training, composition, sampling, recording, and performance. Onboard USB ports allow for sound expansion and connection to tablet devices for more educational possibilities and endless creative potential.

A necessity for effective classroom management, this lab is packaged with our conferencing system allowing for solo practice, grouping students and two-way classroom communication.

Custom Keyboard Lab B

More and more people, especially kids, enter the world of keyboard music playing portable instruments, both due to cost and convenience. Many educators are recognizing this as an opportunity to create the musicians of tomorrow, and a Roland keyboard lab provides the perfect mechanism to get kids playing on their chosen type of instrument while providing a fun, group learning environment that is so motivating to both student and teacher. From illustrating the basics of music, to teaching piano repertoire, to creating virtual bands and enabling young composers — it’s all here in one easy to use package.

This lab is packaged with a conferencing system that makes solo practice, grouping students and two-way classroom communication effortless.

Custom Keyboard Lab C

Recreational music making is here to stay, but teaching to the home hobbiest has always presented unique challenges. This lab allows the illustration of musical concepts both aurally and visually, uses instruments that simplify playing and creates a plethora of “play along” opportunities. In a single lesson, a home hobby player could learn a song, play it with a backing band, and take home a CD of his performance to play for his friends, all done simply and easily.

With our lab conferencing system you can create the perfect environment for learning by solo practice, grouping students or two-way classroom communication.

Example Lab Setups

Download PDF examples of typical lab configurations in a variety of classroom environments.

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