Guitar Labs

The possibilities are endless when creating a customized guitar lab with Roland. In addition to the instrument of your choice, additional content and accessories can be added to develop the skills needed for budding guitarists. Gather ideas from the options below, or create your own customized guitar lab using our new LabWizard technology.

Custom Guitar Lab A

All instrumental students thrive when given the opportunity to record and play in ensembles - and guitarists are no exception. Add the capability to record in multiple layers - or tracks - and your students will begin to develop more advanced arranging and ear training skills. By incorporating the BOSS MICRO BR® BR-80 into your guitar ensemble, students can create up to four simultaneous playback tracks, all while enjoying the ability to control both the tempo and the pitch. Its small size makes it a convenient addition to any classroom and the MP3 compatibility, onboard multi-effect and built-in rhythm patterns create endless learning opportunities. With a built-in tuner and microphone, as well as a USB port for easy data transfer, the MICRO BR® BR-80 has all the tools needed to develop well-rounded musicians.

A necessity for effective classroom management, this lab is packaged with our conferencing system allowing for solo practice, grouping students and two-way classroom communication.

  • Guitar: Any electric guitar of your choice
  • Recorder/Trainer with Effects: MICRO BR® BR-80
  • Conferencing System: GLC-1

Custom Guitar Lab B

Ideal for teaching a variety of guitar styles, Custom Lab B offers the student room for growth by incorporating the ability to play along with their favorite songs. WAV and MP3 files can be played through the addition of the portable eBand. Both the tempo and the pitch of the imported audio files can be controlled to meet your needs. You can also minimize the pre-recorded vocals or guitar parts with the Center Cancel feature. Guitar styling becomes easy to study with the over 100 built in guitar effects. There’s even a library of backing tracks and rhythms onboard, plus a built-in tuner and metronome.

This lab is packaged with a conferencing system that makes solo practice, grouping students and two-way classroom communication effortless.

  • Guitar: Any electric guitar of your choice
  • Recorder/Trainer with Effects: eBand JS-10
  • Content: Hal Leonard Play Along Series for eBand
  • Conferencing System: GLC-1

Custom Guitar Lab C

Custom Lab C is ideal for the Guitar Lab with a focus on developing songwriting and composing skills. Designed to allow for multi-track recording, the BOSS BR-800 digital recorder allows the student to playback up to 8 simultaneous tracks, which can be expanded to 64 tracks of recorded material with the addition of Roland’s patented “V-Tracks” (virtual tracks). Teaching about guitar effects, mastering and mixing becomes easy with the powerful built-in processor which includes vocal FX and pitch corrector. And with its built-in drum machine with editor software, stereo microphone, USB port and ability to be battery powered, the BR-800 is ideal for teaching both in and out of the classroom. It also has the ability to function as a USB audio interface and DAW control surface.

With our lab conferencing system you can create the perfect environment for learning by solo practice, grouping students or two-way classroom communication.

  • Guitar: Any electric guitar of your choice
  • Accessories: BR-800
  • Conferencing System: GLC-1

Example Lab Setups

Download PDF examples of typical lab configurations in a variety of classroom environments.

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