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KR-107: Digital Intelligent Piano


The new top-of-the-line KR-107 piano incorporates the finest of Roland’s powerful features, yet it’s easy to navigate. With the push of a single button, you can bring a stunning grand piano to your fingertips, or activate an entire band for auto accompaniment. Enjoy the hundreds of new and exciting musical styles packed into this flagship instrument. An ample 128 voices of polyphony ensure that notes won’t drop out as you play. The rich, immersive 6-speaker system with Advanced 3D sound will fill your room with beautiful music. The intuitive and educational Music Assistant, Visual Lesson, and Wonderland features, plus the ability to print your musical scores and display your music in a variety of formats on the color display, culminate in an instrument that stands at the top of its class.

  • Flagship KR-Series piano with 88-note Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard with Escapement and 128-voice polyphony
  • 736 tones with Piano-Designer function, Virtual ToneWheel Organ and Twin Piano mode
  • Large Color Touch Screen with VGA/TV out and DigiScore, Music Clips
  • Over 500 Visual Music Assistant titles and 190 internal songs
  • 265 Music Styles (many featuring “Live Drummer” and Adaptive Chord Voicing)
  • 120W, 6-speaker full-range system with 3D DSP effects and Dynamic Emphasis
  • Visual Lesson Education Suite, Wonderland Games, color .BMP export for direct score printing
  • USB Memory Key host port for data storage and audio .wav file playback
  • External FDD (optional), USB-MIDI, Expression Pedal input, mic input
  • Available in the following fine finishes: Oak, Mahogany, Polished Ebony, Polished Fruitwood, Satin Cherry, Satin Walnut

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Great Sounds

Enjoy a rich, colorful pallet of musical instruments and sounds packed into one keyboard. The KR-107 starts with an authentic and detailed piano that simulates every nuance of a true grand, including the sound of the hammers as they strike the strings and the sounds made as the keys are released. Then explore the hundreds of other sounds onboard the KR-107, including orchestral instruments, guitars, basses, drum kits, and ultra-realistic organs that utilize Roland’s acclaimed tonewheel-modeling technology.

Grand-Piano Feel

The KR-107 features Roland’s finest Progressive Hammer Action keyboard with Escapement, which reproduces the feel of a true grand piano with firm, weighty touch in the lower registers, lighter response in the upper registers, and the distinctive “click” (escapement) sensation that’s produced when a grand piano’s keys are played. In addition to the KR-107’s adjustable key weight, a Hammer Response function is also included.

Piano Designer

The factory piano sounds provided with the KR-107 are stunning in realism and playability, but if you’d like to customize the sounds, the “Piano Designer” feature allows you to do just that. Make adjustments to the piano’s string, damper, and key-off resonance, then save your new pianos for future recall.

Twin-Piano Mode

This handy feature allows two players to perform simultaneously on the same keyboard. It’s as easy as pressing the front-panel Super Tones button followed by the Twin Piano button on the touchscreen. Four hands of fun!

Grand Sound

With its six high-quality internal speakers and amplification system built in, the KR-107 delivers a clear, powerful sound. You’ll be amazed at how rich the sound is, especially when the Advanced 3D spatial effects and Dynamic Emphasis feature (which adds clarity and liveliness) are engaged.

Visual Interface

The KR-107 is equipped with a color touchscreen for friendly, visual navigation. Most operations can be carried out easily just by touching the screen. And if you want to display your musical scores or lessons on an even bigger screen for group viewing, the KR-107 comes with external VGA and video outputs for connecting to a separate computer monitor or TV.


DigiScore brings new musical possibilities and enjoyment to playing and practicing the piano. The “Touch The Notes” feature lets you actually touch a note (or series of notes) onscreen for instant audible playback. Explore the handy “Auto-Sync DigiScore” feature, which scrolls the onscreen sheet music in sync with your performance. No more frantic page-turning as you play.

Visual Lesson

The KR-107’s “Visual Lesson” feature makes practice fun and effective. You can use this tool to score the results of your performances and find out which notes have been played differently than those indicated in the notation.

Songs & Styles

You won’t believe how much music can come from one instrument. The KR-107’s library of onboard Music Styles spans a wide variety of genres, from pop to rock, jazz to gospel, country, and more, all with an incredibly realistic human sound and feel; many of the internal drum and percussion patterns were recorded by master session drummers using Roland’s amazing V-Drums. Bring your next party or performance to life with the dynamic big band, Latin, contemporary or classic favorites built into this instrument.


Wonderland is a colorful learning environment for listening to a variety of instruments and performances, and for playing interactive musical games. Great for students or anyone interested in expanding their musical knowledge.

Visual Music Assistant

There are over 500 Visual Music Assistant songs onboard the KR-107, each with a variety of preset variations, for professional-sounding intelligent accompaniment. Just play a chord, and the accompaniment follows your lead! Settings are displayed in a manner that’s easy to grasp.

Color .BMP Export

Musical notation that you view or create on the KR-107 can be exported to a computer as a color .BMP file. You can also take advantage of the KR-107’s Direct-To-Printer feature, which allows you to save your notation to a USB memory key, and plug it directly into a printer equipped with a “USB Host” feature for quick output. No computer required.


The KR-107 offers a microphone-input jack for karaoke sing-along with Standard MIDI Files. You can also add harmony to your singing, or apply a variety of vocal effects, such as Voice Transformer to dramatically change the sound of your voice.

Remote Control

For the ultimate in entertainment convenience, you can control many of the KR-107’s features from the wireless remote control (included). Select song styles and sounds, change volume and tempo, and more from this handy remote.


Three USB ports are built into the KR-107. One port is dedicated as USB-MIDI interface, providing convenient communication between the KR-107 and computers. Another port is provided for storing and loading songs, Standard MIDI Files, audio (.WAV files), notation, and more via optional USB Flash Memory. The third port is for use with Roland’s optional USB-equipped FD-01A floppy disk drive.


Add functionality and convenience to your KR-107 with the following add-ons from Roland: fd-01A USB Floppy Disk Drive, M-UF 128 USB Memory Key, EV-5 Expression Pedal, CD-2 CF/CD Recorder.


88 keys (Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard with escapement)
Touch Sensitivity
100 levels
Keyboard Mode
Split (adjustable split point)
Piano Style Arranger
Manual Drums / SFX
Sound Generator (Conforms to GM2 / GS / XG Lite)
Max. Polyphony
128 voices
Tones (Tone Search by terms and by letters)
6 groups 736 variations (including 8 Tone Wheel Organs, 18 drum sets, SFX set)
8 types, Tonic selectable
Stretched Tuning
2 types
Master Tuning
415.3 Hz to 466.2 Hz (adjustable in increments of 0.1 Hz)
Key Transpose (-6 to +5 in units of semitone)
Playback Transpose (-24 to +24 in units of semitone)
Reverb (12 types, 127 levels)
Chorus, Rotary and 60 other types,
Advanced 3D, Grand Space,
Dynamic Emphasis (3 types),
Equalizer (5 bands, Master level)
Music Styles (Style Search by terms and by letters)
265 styles in 6 groups x 3 types (Style Orchestrator)
Music Assistant (Search by terms and by letters)
Over 500 sets x 6 presets, Visual Music Assistant
Programmable Music Styles
Style Converter, Style Composer
Melody Intelligence
24 types
User Programs
External Memory
Max. 99 sets
Quarter note = 20 to 250
2/2, 0/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 3/8, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8
10 levels
Metronome Pattern
11 patterns
Metronome Sound
8 types
5 tracks / 16 tracks
1 Song
Note Storage
Approx. 30,000 notes
120 ticks per quarter note
Recording Method
Realtime (Replace, Mix, Auto Punch In, Manual Punch In, Loop, Tempo), Step (Chord Sequencer), Beat Map
Copy, Quantize, Delete, Insert, Erase, Transpose, Part Exchange, Note Edit, PC Edit
Other Functions
Touch the Notes, Replay, Super Tones, Piano Designer, Visual Lesson, Wonderland/Game, Demo, Audition, Panel Lock, V-LINK, BMP export, User Image Display
External Storage (USB Flash Memory)
Playable Software
Song: Standard MIDI Files (Format 0/1), Roland Original Format (i-Format),
Music Style: MSA, MSD, MSE
Audio File: WAV Format (44.1 kHz 16-bit linear stereo)
Song: Standard MIDI Files (Format 0), Roland Original Format (i-Format)
Music Style: MSE
Internal Memory
Internal Songs (Song Search by terms and by letters)
Over 190 songs
User Memory
Max. 200 songs on Favorites, Max. 99 User Styles, Max. 70 User Program Sets
Bouncing Beat Indicator, Graphical Color LCD 320 x 240 dot (backlit LCD)
Grand staff / G Clef staff / F Clef staff, with note name / lyrics / chords / fingering
English / Japanese / German / French / Spanish
Yes (built-in, external display, MIDI output)
One Touch Program
One Touch Piano, One Touch Arranger
Vocal Effects
Echo, Voice Transformer, Vocal Keyboard, Harmonist
Damper Pedal (half-pedal recognition)
Soft Pedal (half-pedal recognition, functions assignable)
Sostenuto Pedal (functions assignable)
USB memory connector
FDD connector
Output jacks (L/Mono, R)
Input jacks (L/Mono, R)
Mic Input jack
Headphones jack (Stereo) x 2
MIDI In connector x 2
MIDI Out connector
USB connector
Ext Display connector (15-pin D-Sub type)
Video Out connector
Expression Pedal Jack
Rated Power Output
60 W x 2
20 cm x 2, 5 cm x 2, 10 cm x 2
Power Supply
AC 115 V, AC 117 V, AC 220 V, AC 230 V, AC 240 V (50/60 Hz)
Power Consumption
155 W
Quick Start
Owner's Manual
Roland 60 Classical Piano Masterpieces
Remote Controller
Dry-cell Batteries
USB Installation Guide
CD-ROM (Roland Digital Piano USB Driver)
Power cord
Headphones Hook
Anti-theft lock screws
USB memory
Floppy Disk Drive
Size and Weight ( Including the piano stand )
1,421 mm
56 inches
550 mm
21-11/16 inches
901 mm
35-1/2 inches
103.0 kg
227 lbs. 2 oz.
Size and Weight ( Including the piano stand and the music rest )
1,421 mm
56 inches
550 mm
21-11/16 inches
1,116 mm
43-15/16 inches
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.



CD/CF Recorder


Whether your goal is to burn CDs, advance your playing skills, preserve and archive important audio, or simply capture unforgettable moments, the CD-2 will do the job quickly and simply.

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SD/CD Recorder


Record with high-quality sound, listen back, and burn straight to CD. This SD/CD Recorder is a great partner for practice and composition.

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Stereo Headphones


Professional studio headphones with exceptional low frequency response.

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Stereo Headphones


Offer the clarity, sonic accuracy, and comfort needed for mixing and silent practice.

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Roland deepens its audio product line with the introduction of three new microphones — two for the stage, one for the studio.

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Roland deepens its audio product line with the introduction of three new microphones — two for the stage, one for the studio.

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