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Summer is a conundrum. Teachers and students crave a fun break from the routine. Teachers prefer the consistent income that summer lessons provide, and also need students to continue—or at least maintain—their skills. Lessons based on the summer camp model are an alternative to “regular” weekly music lessons, and can be condensed into a week or two, allowing for vacation time or other summer study.

Summer music camps serve music school needs by:

  • Embracing a change in routine
  • Advancing marketing into new demographic areas
  • Targeting specific content
  • Encouraging exploration of new strategies and products

There is much to consider when creating a schedule and curriculum for summer camp study. Many teachers take the opportunity to pursue their favorite content, or explore new genre with students. Reflect on these questions to help direct your studio this summer:

  1. Which programs or curricula have you wanted to try but are too busy during the school year?
  2. Which programs have your clients mentioned they’d like to see at your studio?
  3. Which programs would you like to launch in the fall that would benefit from a summer trial run?
  4. Would combining resources with another teacher support your goals?
  5. Can you collaborate with a music store for space or product trials?

The new Common Core Standards for the Arts currently being drafted focuses on what students know and can do in a musical setting. The Standards also require students to progress as 21st Century Learners, which includes integrating a variety of technology tools into their educational processes. These summer camp ideas blend the best of learning application, technology, and student engagement.

Recording Class


  1. Promotes polished performance
  2. Encourages teachers and students to archive music
  3. Instills the importance of sharing music with peers and family
  4. Multi-track recording requires student to learn with perfect rhythm, correct balance of hands, and an understanding of instrumentation

Economics & Marketing

Most equipment costs can easily be recovered by charging a small materials fee for class. This content works for all ages and levels of student, including multiple instruments.


HPi-6F SuperNATURAL Piano

A large, flat-screen LCD is built into the music rest of each piano, providing “digital sheet music” to assist your four-track recording. DigiScore makes learning fun, and can even evaluate your performances and check your finger strength. These incredible sounding educational pianos fully realize the dreams of piano students, teachers, and performers of all ages.

Roland CD-2iSD/CD Recorder

Point, record, play, and burn — the new CD-2i makes recording and CD production more convenient than ever. Everything is self-contained, with no computer or external gear required. Loaded with features for recording, polishing, playback, music practice, and more, this do-everything box is a must-have for anyone who needs high-quality, portable CD production.

Roland R-05  WAVE/MP3 Recorder

Whether recording directly with the built-in stereo mic or capturing sounds from an externally connected microphone or stereo line input, you’ll be impressed with the
R-05’s detail and clarity. Even though the R-05 integrates fluidly with computers via USB 2.0, this new-generation recorder doesn’t require a PC for editing. For speed and convenience, you can trim, divide, and combine within the R-05.

Cakewalk Music Creator 5

Music Creator 5 guides you through initial set-up, making it easy for you to plug in your instrument or microphone and immediately start recording. Get professional sounding results using Music Creator’s powerful tools, instruments, and effects. Creating music on your PC has never been this easy or fun.


A benefit of this class is that no curriculum or method is necessary, only basic product/software knowledge. A teacher might suggest a student record in all one genre or in a variety of genres.

Introduction to Drumming


  1. Promotes rhythm accuracy for all instruments
  2. Encourages coordination
  3. Instills the importance of rhythmic accuracy
  4. Exposes students to a variety of time signatures, syncopation, and compound meter in an engaging environment

Economics & Marketing

Because rhythm development is necessary at all levels with all instruments, this class is pertinent to an entire studio. Many students are enamored with drum sets, and marketing this class is as easy as setting up drums in the entryway of the studio.


Roland RMP-5 Rhythm Coach

As a free-standing practice pad and electronic drum, the RMP-5 is a pleasure to play, but when it comes to improving your abilities as a drummer, it’s the onboard Rhythm Coach that really makes this instrument shine. When activated, the Rhythm Coach challenges drummers in a fun and friendly way with functions such as Time Check, Auto Up/Down, and Stroke Balance to help develop consistent stick technique. As an added bonus, the Time Check and Stroke Balance exercises can be used simultaneously for a dual-power workout. The Rhythm Coach can even grade your performance, so you can chart your progress.

Roland HD-3 V-Drums Lite
Its footprint is small, but the HD-3 V-Drums Lite sounds and performs impressively large. Based on Roland’s legendary V-Drums, this little kit is a dream for beginners, casual players, gamers, as well as for parents, since the volume level can be completely controlled via volume knob and/or headphones.


DT-1 Drum Tutor
Connect your HD-1 to a computer and this fun, educational, interactive software launches.

FastTrack Drum Method

The FastTrack method series is a fresh, user-friendly approach to learning with a method book, which blends traditional lessons and songs with modern elements of humor, wit, and pop culture. Each book includes a play-along CD plus songs that are the same in all the FastTrack books, so that friends can form a band and jam together.

Rock Band


  1. Promotes ensemble play, including rhythm and balance accuracy
  2. Encourages leadership and listening skills
  3. Instills a love for working collaboratively, which aids progression into band, choir, orchestra, or other collaborative projects.
  4. Launches a year-long rock band program


Students of all ages crave playing together, which gives life and meaning to their individual practice. Successful band camps encourage ALL students to try ALL instruments.
Marketing ideas:

  • siblings/family and friends sign up together
  • play the music you listen to every day
  • try a new instrument
  • performance for community events allow for broader marketing


Roland Lucina AX-09

It’s time to escape the keyboard rig and rock the stage. The stylish Lucina represents Roland’s new generation of remote keyboards, but for the first time, this one has a sound generator onboard. It’s self-contained and equipped with powerful, solo-oriented sounds from Roland’s latest, greatest synths. Strap on an Lucina and steal the show.

Roland FP-4F SuperNATURAL Piano

Featuring the same authentic piano sound and stylish body as the flagship FP-7F, the FP-4F is a more affordable and streamlined version. It sounds and feels like a real piano, and offers modern features, including 333 different tones that add musical versatility and enjoyment.Thanks to its built-in, 12w x 2 stereo speaker system, the FP-4F can be used anywhere, instantly, with no extra cables or amplification necessary.

Roland TD-9KX2 V-Drums

Roland’s popular V-Tour series gets upgraded with a newly designed Kick Pad and V-Cymbals, and an enhanced TD-9 sound module, to improve the total playability of the drum set. Play any style of music with the diverse range of sounds onboard, and drum along your favorite MP3/WAV songs via USB key.

Roland DR-80C Dynamic Microphone

Roland deepens its audio product line with the introduction of three new microphones — two for the stage, one for the studio. The affordable DR-30 is ideal for amateurs and karaoke enthusiasts, while high-end DR-50 and DR-80C are designed for professional singers and recording applications.

Roland GLC-1 Lab Conferencing System

The Roland GLC-1 represents the next generation in music-conferencing systems. This all-in-one communication solution is perfect for group piano teaching, music ensemble instruction, and even sophisticated language lab teaching. Because the GLC-1 doesn’t rely on external computer hardware or software, it’s both intuitive and easy-to-use.


Hal Leonard Ensembles (Four part piano, Jazz combo, band and more)

FastTrack Music Instruction (Piano, Drum, Guitar, Bass, Harmonica)

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