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LX-15 SuperNATURAL Piano

Trends in education can be like clothing styles: wait long enough and what just went “out” will be “in” again. As we watch our current culture, it’s easy to jump into every new gadget; every update, upgrade or latest operating system. What remains constant, thankfully, is that quality music will remain, and education will be served most effectively by skilled instructors who respond to the needs of their students.

In this special feature, we match our favorite Roland products with effective strategies and resources in music education. We’re grateful for the opportunity to share ways teachers can make the most of their budget and time.

Tune Up

Practice rooms take plenty of abuse, yet students need a quality, constantly-in-tune instrument that responds to the most exquisite touch. Roland’s LX-15 Digital Piano is perfect for practice rooms or as a replacement instrument for a well-worn used school or studio piano. Its upright style blends in a variety of settings and the refined, rich natural sound is the ideal choice for demanding pianists and music schools.

The new year is a great time to invest in a teaching piano that is always in tune and easy to move. The LX-15 serves as a perfect second piano for the growing music studio, allowing students waiting for a lesson quiet practice time with headphones, and allows a second piano for ensemble, duet rehearsal, and performances.

Stay In Tune


RP301 SuperNATURAL Piano

It’s difficult to know how to steer parents in our studios when they need a piano. We have our favorite dealer, our favorite brands, but the needs of each family should be precisely met to ensure their healthy home practice. The RP301 Digital Piano is an affordable selection that boasts high-end features, including natural piano action, a metronome and Twin Piano mode for side-by-side duets and instruction.

In the new year, ensure every student has a quality at-home instrument with rich sound and expressive playing.

Tune In

Today’s learner is motivated by the music in their culture; educators must tune in to studio needs outside the classical repertoire to be most effective. Movies and video games provide the landscape, along with pop artists, for how many of our young players are exposed to music. A piano with rhythm accompaniments not only keeps beginning piano students learning correct timing, it opens their ear to advanced syncopations and subdivisions. Replace the metronome with one of the 60 rhythm patterns on a Roland RP301R and watch how student practice time increases.

More effective than a metronome, the rhythm accompaniments in this piano teach a natural sense of continuous play, keeping a steady beat with beginners, and playing with fluency and rhythmic expression. Set aside counting out loud for the natural pace of genre-specific beat patterns and accompaniments.

Cool Tunes


F-120 SuperNATURAL Piano

As group lesson teaching emerges as an effective front-runner in music education, teachers consider space-friendly options that allow for multiple instruments in the teaching space. Roland’s F-120 is a sleek, compact, modern piano for space-conscious studios and home environments. The first-class features appeal to younger musicians and, purchased in groups, are perfect for music schools.

The F-120’s SuperNATURAL Piano and Ivory feel keyboard offer an authentic piano experience with a modern flair.

More Than Tunes


HD-3 V-Drums Lite

A new face in the new year is the perfect boost for motivation and recruitment. The HD-3 makes music accessible to a variety of ages, levels and interest, and pulls students into the music school who are hesitant or intimidated by the piano. Imagine a silent room full of smiling students playing drum kits, practicing coordination, perfecting the nuances of rhythm with the music of their choice or the teacher’s selection.

Paired with the DT-1 V-Drums Tutor software, students can interact with music of their choice, learn basic drumming skills — a perfect hook into your music studio. With this interactive learning program, students with minimum drumming skill and musical knowledge can enter a musical program with quick success.

Total Tunes

In the new year, introduce your students to a total music experience! The BK-5 Backing Keyboard puts over 1000 sounds, 300 rhythms, along with recording and video capabilities, in the hands of students, hobbyists, and one-person bands. Consider the possibilities:


BK-5 Backing Keyboard

  • Introduce beginning students to ensemble play using installed Music Assistants and rhythms that cover a variety of music genres and world music sounds.
  • Boost adult lesson programs with sounds that get adult students hooked on music quickly.
  • Access world music for general education classes. Record and transpose music for rehearsal and performance, complete with full orchestration and backing without costly performance CDs.
  • Encourage ear training while students learn and play along with popular MP3 files.
  • Easily record audio onto USB memory for rehearsal and performance, recreating a perfect accompaniment every time.

Make the most of a new year with Roland’s commitment to education and discover how each instrument is specifically designed to support schools, studios, musicians, and learners of all ages. For more complete product information, please see

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